Jazz FM On-Air Fundraising

This Sunday, we'll be helping JAZZ.FM91 with their fall on-air fundraising campaign - listen in between 5 and 10 p.m. during Glenn Woodcock's Big Band Show and call in your donation...Make SwingShift Big Band proud!!!

"More than just a radio station, JAZZ.FM91 is Canada’s only broadcaster and registered not-for-profit charitable arts organization dedicated to enriching the cultural, educational and community experience of their audience.

Providing youth programs and partnering with educational institutions, JAZZ.FM91 gives opportunities for thousands of promising young students and emerging artists to gain experience in music and broadcasting through workshops, internships, scholarships, and jazz-related content and programs. Jazzology, the Jazz 4 Kids concert series, the JAZZ.FM91 Youth Big Band, and The Canadian Jazz Archive Online (www.canadianjazzarchive.org) are some of the JAZZ.FM91 programs and resources available to youth interested in expanding their knowledge of jazz.

The station began life more than 60 years ago as CJRT-FM, Ryerson's university radio station, broadcasting an eclectic mix of educational programming, classics and jazz. Then in 1996, it was transformed when the Ontario Government reduced its annual operating stipend from $1,300,000 to zero, leaving the radio station to find its niche in one of North America's most crowded radio marketplaces.

In the years since then, JAZZ.FM91 has executed a very different and expanded mission, which is to enrich the cultural, educational and community experience of our listening audience.

Many listeners enjoy our on-air fundraising – the excitement, the prizes – but many would prefer we not interrupt our programming. Thanks to the generous annual contributions of our members, we have managed to cut our total number of on-air fundraising days – reducing our major Fall and Spring campaign lengths.

As a registered charity, we rely on the donations of our listeners to operate, and keep jazz strong – on the air and in the community. The more donations we receive throughout the year, the less time we have to spend on the air fundraising. Please consider supporting JAZZ.FM91 today."  - JAZZ.FM91

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